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I Want to Keep My Home

Stay in your home

We want to help you stay in the home you’ve worked so hard for. There are many options available to you. Two of the most popular options available to homeowners are a Land Contract and Lease with Option to Purchase. If you don’t know what these are, don’t worry. We will explain them below in simple terms.

What is a Land Contract?

Simply put, a land contract is a written agreement that provides a type of financing to homeowners. It’s a lot like the mortgage you would normally have between you and your mortgage company, but instead of a bank being involved you have us. Just like a mortgage, a land contract has recurring monthly payments, interest that is tax deductible, and a fixed interest rate that will not change.

Part of the qualification process will determine:

How do I know if I qualify for a Land Contract? Ask us!

What is a Lease with Option to Purchase?

A Lease with Option to Purchase is a special kind of contract. It’s a basic lease agreement, – with the option to rebuy your home. This is a great option if you want to stay in your home and to continue to build equity from future home appreciation.

Instead of paying a mortgage, you pay us a monthly rent and have the option to rebuy your home at a fixed price anytime during the lease agreement. As an added bonus, we will payoff the foreclosure balance on the home and catch up any back taxes and liens that are due on your home.

This is by far, the quickest option to save your home. It is also the easiest and least expensive way to qualify for one of our programs. The monthly rent payments may even be cheaper than your mortgage payment was.

How do I know if I qualify for a Lease with Option to Purchase? Ask us!

Benefits of Both Options

Land ContractLease with Option to Purchase
Limited qualification processNo credit checks or income verification
You retain ownership of the propertyHome equity is not required
You can refinance without any penaltiesNo out of pocket fees
A down payment may not be requiredNo “Option Fees” are required
No “landlord” permissions are needed for improvementsFaster closings—sometimes only a few days
Interest charges may be tax deductibleNo homeowner insurance payments
Rent payments may be less than your mortgage payment

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