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Homeowner experience

A home in foreclosure is challenging, but it also creates opportunities for the family with a simple focus on the truth of the process. Learn what we have done for many folks in your situation.

Surviving Foreclosure

Client Testimonial 11 – Depressed & Sad… To Relief & Joy

Tonya was depressed and sad about the financial situation she found herself in. After months of struggling to make ends meet, her home fell into foreclosure. Scared and depressed she withdrew from the world and gave up on her home that she worked & saved for years to buy. Tonya wasn’t aware that she was the solution to her situation and not the obstacle. By faith & grace we found Tonya and showed her that her financial live was not dead. By taking action and trusting in process that Trademark laid out, she realized the joy and relief of keeping her most valuable asset and the life she built.

— Tonya

Client Testimonial 10 – Stability For My Kids

Vanessa was in a tight spot. Having two kids with an auto-immune disease meant staying in the home. The life she built was her top priority. She had created a safe and stable environment for her kids’ needs and she felt it was all crumbling beneath her feet. Vanessa was completely overwhelmed with all of the people and companies harassing her to sign away her home. None of which wanted to truly help, but to see how much they could take from her. Luckily she called Trademark… We successfully helped Vanessa keep her home and family close to the community support she needs. With her fresh start she was able to rebuild the stability she depends on.

— Vanessa

Client Testimonial 9 – Take Action! Jeff did and it saved everything.

Jeff H. from Livonia was at the end of his rope. After getting injured at work he lost his job, and then he got sick. Jeff was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks and was out of time, money, and hope. He was always someone who helped others who were in need, now Jeff was in desperate need himself. In danger of loosing his home of 30 years, Jeff made a call for help. Luckily he called us. We believe in second chances and we are happy to report Jeff is still in his home of 30 years and has a fresh start to get his life back on track.

— Jeff

Client Testimonial 8 – Making the Impossible Possible

Michelle received a mountain of misfortune in the last couple years. After losing both her parents and husband, she was faced with the impossible task of trying to keep her remaining family together under one roof. Instead of doing nothing, Michelle gathered her strength and reached out for help. With only days left to save her home from foreclosure, she called us. We are very happy to report that because Michelle took action she saved her home and made the impossible possible. One phone call can be powerful. Find out what we can do for you. 1-800-818-4029

— Michelle

Client Testimonial 7 – Don’t lose everything. We can help

Everyone has personal struggles. While undergoing medical treatment, Anisa lost her job. That meant she couldn’t keep up on her payments and one thing led to another. See how we helped Anisa keep her home while she got her finances back in order.

— Anisa Jones

Client Testimonial 6 – It’s your home! Claim the equity you’ve earned. Kelsey did, and so can you

Kelsey was a young homeowner, caring for her father, who suffers from Asberger’s Syndrome. When her home went into foreclosure, she had no idea that she even had options. We showed her that she did. Watch to see how we helped her and her father get through a troubling time.

— Kelsey

Client Testimonial 5 – The future is bright! Just watch what we did for Paula

Paula was diagnosed with Lupus, making work impossible. Her husband got hurt and was unable to work. Their beloved home went into foreclosure. See in the video how Paula describes the work Trademark did to explain her options and help her keep her home.

— Paula

Client Testimonial 4 – Death & foreclosure: stopping the crooks

Harold reconciled with his wife and moved back with her. His wife went into a coma, leaving Harold with a 19-year-old daughter to raise, a wife in the hospital, and a house in foreclosure. Watch the video. Harold knew we were the only sincere company who put people in front of profits.

— Harold B.

Client Testimonial 3 – Modification disaster, staying put

What started as a normal loan for Sheila turned into a financial nightmare. She had been tricked into a mortgage that had increasing payments. Then her family medical bills topped on. Watch to see how we helped her understand the process and that she did have options.

— Sheila D.

Client Testimonial 2 – Divorce & foreclosure: happily ever after

Tom and his wife spent years working on their home to make it into their dream home. Then they divorced, and Tom was left with mounting debt and his house went into foreclosure. Watch the video to see how we took away the stress by helping Tom stay in his house.

— Tom B

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