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Sheriff's Deed

How can I learn what’s owed on the sheriff’s deed?

To discover the exact amount you owe on your sheriff’s deed, simply inquire by asking either the attorney who represented your lender during foreclosure or the holder of the sheriff’s deed for a payoff letter. You may be surprised by the relatively low figure. If you require any assistance in obtaining this information, we offer a completely free service; all you need to do is request it!

Realtor Expertise

Selling your home with the help of a Realtor often generates the highest sales price. This is because of the exposure Realtors can generate to qualified buyers. The higher the sales price the more money you receive at closing.

Tax Free Money

If you’re ready to move, selling your property can put thousands, even tens of thousands, of tax free, no questions asked dollars in your pocket while you pack.

A Fresh Start

Payoff the foreclosure. Selling will satisfy the sheriff’s deed balance and possibly your mortgage note, making good on the full debt that was owed. While selling your home might be a bit of work, doing so can bring you peace of mind, and perhaps end a long struggle with the bank.

Sheila D.
Sheila D.
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What is a Sheriff's Deed?

A Sheriff’s deed is a legal document granting ownership rights to a property purchased at a sheriff’s sale, which occurs when a court orders a sale due to a failure to pay a judgment. Typically, properties involved in mortgage foreclosures are sold at such sales. In these cases, a sheriff’s deed pertains to the deed issued during the mortgage foreclosure. Until the judge signs and files the confirmation of sale, the debtor usually retains the right of redemption for the property. The issuance of the deed marks the beginning of a statutory redemption period.

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As a real estate investment firm, we are not bankers or lawyers, but our friendly team of professionals holds over 30 years of experience assisting homeowners like you. Here’s how we can be of service:

  • If you wish to keep your home, we can help you.
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How do I take the first step?

Getting started to sell your property is easy. Just pick up the phone or send us an email. We will ask some basic questions and can make an initial market analysis about your property’s value. We can also advise you on the amount you owe on your sheriff’s deed and estimate how much cash you could receive at closing. You’ve worked hard for your home. Keep the equity you earned.

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