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Life is a series of transitions: jobs, relationships and even your home.

When a transition involving your home is the result of hardship or forces beyond your control, it makes the obstacles harder to navigate. We are in the business of providing genuine paths for YOUR real-estate transition. We understand that homeowners often feel bullied by the process of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or the passing of a loved one.

Michigan families have realistic options. Working TOGETHER, we can navigate to the right path: a transition focused on YOUR future.

foreclosure help

In the State of Michigan, homeowners experiencing foreclosure have property rights that could allow you to:

  1. Stay in your home

  2. Get CASH fast

  3. Sell your home

  4. Do Nothing – Get Nothing

It’s your journey. Time to take action.

What is your next move?


STAY in your home.

It is possible that you could stay in your home. There are leasing, rental and land contract options that can be discussed.


Are you ready to move?

We can help you secure CASH for your moving expenses or we can liquidate a property for your immediate needs.


Notice: You must be a Michigan resident to qualify for homeowner rights under current real-estate laws and statues. 

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Michigan Foreclosure Process: Simplified

Cindy & Ross G.

Brad and Jeff sat at our kitchen table and talked with us. They made it a really personal experience. Brad answered all of our questions in terms that we could understand and explained what was going on without any legalese. It made it easy.

Our son was married in June of this year and we had the reception here in our backyard. It was a wonderful, wonderful day. I don’t know how many people told us how beautiful it was. It was a wonderful feeling that our friends and family could all be gathered here together. Six months ago we could never have dreamed that we would be able to stay in our home and that that could happen. It happened because of Trademark and how Brad helped us.

When you’re in foreclosure you experience the fear of losing your home,  of not knowing where you’re going to go or what you’re going to do. Brad and Trademark Properties are a godsend. They are people you can trust. If you let Brad in your home you will not be sorry because he’s there for you. He was there for us and he does it with an open heart. He’s just a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s a wonderful company to deal with. I don’t know what else to say, it’s a miracle!

Going through bankruptcy and foreclosure at the same time, it was hard for us to believe that there was equity in our home that we didn’t know about. No one else let us know about that except Trademark. They were totally honest. We came home and a realtor had put a for sale sign in our lawn. They just wanted us out. Trademark guided us through every step of the process and told us exactly what to do and gave us an opportunity no one else would to continue to own our home.

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Tom B.

I sat down with Chris from Trademark and he told me I could rent the house if I wanted to stay. The payment was a lot less than my mortgage and second mortgage that got me into trouble. I was ecstatic. A lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I was fearful that, oh my God, some big company bought the house and they are going to want to kick me out the second the clock strikes midnight. But Trademark contacted me and were very nice. I love the house, I know the house and they were happy to work with me and we came to an agreement. I got to stay in the house instead of having to move.

One of my fears when someone bought the house at sheriff’s sale that they would want to flip it for a quick profit and not care about who it affected. Trademark allowed me to stay and made me feel safe and comfortable and happy and avoid the extreme stress of having to move and worry about where I am going to end up. It’s a very good feeling to know that someone was willing to help instead of just all-out greed…and not kicking me out on the curb.

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Sheila D.

I felt like Trademark was a godsend. They said ‘We’ll do whatever we can to help you,’ and that’s exactly what they did.

They were willing to work with me when nobody else was. The mortgage company acted like they were going to work with me but they weren’t. They just had me send them paperwork after paperwork while they kept going forward with the foreclosure.

I felt like I had prayed so hard and God sent me some angels. I got total respect. I felt like they understood. It wasn’t just about the dollar or the bottom line, they understood. And that’s what was important to me.

It’s how they come to you. Trademark when they came, there was no pressure. They asked me what did I want to do. They then went to figure out how they could help me. Nobody else approached me like that. Nobody. They were honest, they did not pressure, they gave me the information, then they said they would work with me. They genuinely care about you.

It drove the other guy, an investor, crazy. He said ‘Why would they do that? Nobody would do that. We’re in this to make money, so why would they do that?’  I said, well maybe because they care about people. You can make money without tearing the heart out of someone. You don’t have to be vicious to be a good business person. I said the way they approached me and the way you approached me is like day and night.

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Harold B.

Most people, real estate agents or brokers, I talked to didn’t strike me to be sincere. Sounded like they were up to no good to me. It was rush, rush, rush to get the property. One thing Brad told me is that at Trademark Properties that they put people before profits. And that was totally true. They went beyond the call of duty and gave me 110% service.

I don’t like to use the word ‘shyster’ but we had an agent go to court and claimed he was my expired wife’s representative. He hadn’t even talked to us. He was trying to get some money that was in the property and get my property all at the same time. Trademark found out what I wanted and gave me options. They ended up putting money in my pocket.

I recommend Trademark to you. They took care of me and my daughter and my situation and were absolutely trustworthy and sincere.

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